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Are you a foodie?

  A foodie or just someone who likes to hog? Someone who likes to explore different restaurants or an #InstagramFoodie? B

Office: World of Workplace Insanity

Office stress can be distressing, especially when you are working with childish adults, who as well, are extremely insecure ab

Cockroaches feel lonely too

Cockroaches seem to have a vendetta against me. They have terrorised me ever since I was a kid. But recently, when I moved to

Kinds of friends on social media

Social media is a strange place. Instead of focussing on how to be social, people end up doing social. All of us have a lot o

Excuse me, your stress is showing

As if the office stress, travel stress, what-to-eat-next stress wasn’t enough, the new kind of stress that is hovering p

Summer Vacations are here. Yayie! Well, not.

It’s so depressing. Everyone is flaunting their exotic vacation. Timelines packed with photos from all over the world, m

Dil lena khel hai…

There are two kinds of people, one, who cry with their friends after their breakup and sing ‘dil lena khel hai dildaar

From foodie to survivor

I could always put lazy cats to shame, but moving out of home changed me… Not an ounce. I adorn the bed, mostly, avoidi

The name game

Nicknames. We Indians have a weird habit of bestowing people around them, with weirder monikers, which mostly, have nothing to

Jaipur revisited

A long overdue plan, finally materialised – only to die a natural death for some, only to happen in a fuddy-duddy way for ot