Random Rings


Cockroaches feel lonely too

Cockroaches seem to have a vendetta against me. They have terrorised me ever since I was a kid. But recently, when I moved to

Kinds of friends on social media

Social media is a strange place. Instead of focussing on how to be social, people end up doing social. All of us have a lot o

Excuse me, your stress is showing

As if the office stress, travel stress, what-to-eat-next stress wasn’t enough, the new kind of stress that is hovering p

Summer Vacations are here. Yayie! Well, not.

It’s so depressing. Everyone is flaunting their exotic vacation. Timelines packed with photos from all over the world, m

Beware of Bad Bosses

Bad bosses won’t just impact your productivity in the office, they will affect your entire life. It’s not me who says that

The name game

Nicknames. We Indians have a weird habit of bestowing people around them, with weirder monikers, which mostly, have nothing to


In a matter of days, you will see “new year, new me” posts, and that’s isn’t something new but EWWW! Like previous

Gareebon Ki Alia Bhatt

She is very funny. Dumb and funny! She doesn’t realize what she says is funny, but leaves all of us in fun-zone.  She is Ga

Calling all the Fault Finders!

Are you annoying, supremely irritating, and habitual of criticising people? Yes? Oh cool. This is the place for you. Welcome t

Weird Virtual Word: Neither Bearable, Nor Believable

Woah! I’m a year older since my last post, but not an ounce wiser. Hey, Hey…don’t expect me to be wise! I did try be