Random Rings

Grow up, will you?

When it comes to weird people, there are several varieties in the world – people who unnecessarily drag you to the dance flo

A for…

Going from A for Apple to seeking an A for Ambition, life has turned A for awful! I don’t know if I am lazy or incapable.

One wrong choice & you’re stuck for life

Okay, so no offence to those who are too dipped in the feeling of love, who are getting married and flooding my timeline with

The Art of Deflating Tyres & Putting Scratches

Hi there, Bored, are you? Yes? Then you have come at the right place… It’s your honour to attend my tutorial where ‘

Vertically Challenged: Third World Problem

Is height such a big issue? If you ask me, it indeed is. I am Short. And I don’t get the privileges enjoyed by those who are

Yea, so it was Jaipur!

Jaipur…Didn’t quite like the place, but it was a good trip. Exciting things happened…as we started off… Inside the

He, too, left us.

Well, it isn't the eternal sleep of a person that hurts, but the fact that the person would no more wake up to your calling!


Of late I have been hearing strange noises in my house. Initially I didn’t pay much heed to these knocks at the doors and cr

Hello there, want to come to the loo?

After putting in much thought to pick the topic for this month’s post, with a conscious attempt to shed the joker image I ha

Dooriee…Sahi Jaaye Na

Kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya? Kiya! Kya tumne kabhi kisi ko dil diya? Diya! Maine bhi diya… *woot woot* Just thoug