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Innate need for personal space in the COVID times

These are tough times. The spread of the COVID, social distancing, working from home, all seem to be getting a wee bit overwhe

Just Kidding in the times of Covid-19

The new Covid-19 is not only costing livelihood but the precious lives too. It’s sadness and depression in the air that

Working from home – an ordeal

Not only has the novel coronavirus restricted the moments, it has given us the dreaded work from home. It may sound fun, but t

Are you a foodie?

  A foodie or just someone who likes to hog? Someone who likes to explore different restaurants or an #InstagramFoodie? B

Did you forget someone’s birthday?

Birthdays are a 24-hour event where the spotlight is on you – some like the limelight, some don’t, but no one can escape i

Tension is in the air?

Yep. Couples fight, and then tension is in the air until one of them apologises, or not, for god knows whose fault. Over a per

Piece of Mind on Peace of Mind

How often do you feel you are ready to quit? How often do you feel burned out? How often do you feel that the things happening

Dear Mother Nature, why the period?

Dear Mother Nature, I don’t get it. I mean I have been putting up with things only you control for decades now, and even

Bully or Opinionated?

I was recently called a bully, by a colleague quite senior to me. While I just laughed it off at that moment, it sure made me

Trippy Trippy Trap

Sab trips pe jaate hain friends ke saath… Koi sikkim Koi goa. And here i am, lying like a bean bag… On my sofa.