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Chapter 2: The rise of Raj Yadav

Son of an immigrant from Uttar Pradesh – Raj Yadav took no baby steps towards gaining clout. Back in the day, he was someone to be wary of – one of the intimidating goons of the town who started off as a pilferer and swindler of defunct machinery from iron and steel units.

Things were near-perfect. His father, who was a contract labourer at the IISCO, got him insight into the steel plant. Slowly and gradually, Yadav had the entire illegal market – dealing with the sale and purchase of these scraps – under his purview. The CISF security deputed at the steel and iron plants were hand-in-glove with the mafia, and so were some of the police personnel from the famed Birapur police station.

Birapur Police Station is based out of the Burnpur area – the captive township of SAIL, and has jurisdiction over parts of Asansol Municipal Corporation. It is known for officials with a strong appetite of gormandizing pesos and won’t be wrong to call it a preferred choice of job posting for the haughty circle officers.

Quite naturally, the deep-pocketed native Cosa Nostra used to stuff their pockets with enough moolah to keep mum and let the operation run smoothly.

Thus began a rampant smuggler Raj Yadav’s journey into the world of mafia – a mere crook became a Mafioso.

Backed by the patronage of the political parties, hundreds of youth helped him loot, transport, process and smuggle the scraps to different units across Asansol Durgapur industrial zone. The mafia, for years, are being provided shelter by political leaders and therefore the goons had been avoiding arrest.

Lord Acton, the 19th-century British historian said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

And that is what happened.


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