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Innate need for personal space in the COVID times

These are tough times. The spread of the COVID, social distancing, working from home, all seem to be getting a wee bit overwhelming. Practicing social isolation around our loved ones might as well make us crave for personal space. When a family member comes asking for something, or wanting a small talk, or invades our personal space and workspace – it makes us want to lock ourselves up in a room.

Our innate need to have personal space doesn’t go away, even when we are with our loved ones. Maybe because it helps us realign ourselves and gain focus.

But how to satisfy the need to have personal space during these times?

Here’s how:

Fix a working spot: How would it feel if your mother or wife come up to you in office asking what would you like to eat? Or if your husband visits you asking for help in buying groceries? Won’t seem very professional, right? Help them understand, working from home isn’t equal to staying at home. Clear boundaries between work and life must be set. Once you are at your home-desk (the work spot you’ve fixed), they should know, you are at work. This would curb the chances of them invading your workspace.

Take timely breaks: Give yourself some time off-technology. Meditate or exercise amid work. Say, 10 push-ups every hour. Now that work from home regime has ripped us off our workout regime, this is how you can stabilise your headspace. And you may also treat yourself to quick naps on lighter workdays. 😉

Text talk: Communicate with family via texts, if there’s something pressing, and you cannot leave your workspace. It helps you get your work done without giving them the signs that you are available for a chit-chat session.

The need to have some personal space is not just from family, but from work and colleagues too.

Log out on time: Make sure ‘work from home/remote work’ doesn’t become a ’24×7 available for work’. End your shift as your work hours complete. Then, take some time offscreen, go for walks, talk to family, play board games, and not think about work. Now that we are working from home and have additional things to deal with, it is all the more important to have fixed working hours. Setting boundaries with our working hours and being comfortable with incompletions is important. There’s no way we will get everything done every day.

So, press time out, eat well, stay hydrated and allow yourself some peace of mind.

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