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Working from home – an ordeal

Not only has the novel coronavirus restricted the moments, it has given us the dreaded work from home. It may sound fun, but trust me, it is inexplicably torturous.

You do not just have to do the usual office work, but also have to do the household chores.

Even if you could afford the services of maids and cooks, with this lockdown, they too are working at home, just not ‘for you’.
So, now you are on your own. Dealing with work, food, cleaning, groceries…by yourself.

And somehow you tend to work more when you are at home, just to prove that you are working from home and not staying at home.
What annoys the most is the fact that you have to make your own coffee. Wash the mugs and other utensils very frequently. I have even considered purchasing disposable plates and cups. But I miss my office coffee machine the most. How obedient it was, making me a hot cup of coffee every hour, sometimes twice in an hour.


Amid this already messy situation, I decided to take up one challenging task – defrosting the refrigerator. After 100 years. A penguin walked out, stared at me and said, “you decided to defrost it Now? In the times of lockdown? Where and how will I go in these times?”


I felt bad for it, but then, I felt worse for myself. Because in the end, I’d have to clean that defrosted water.

As if working from home was any less of an ordeal.

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