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Are you a foodie?


A foodie or just someone who likes to hog? Someone who likes to explore different restaurants or an #InstagramFoodie?

Before calling yourself a foodie, stop! understand!

Just because you like to eat doesn’t make you a foodie. A foodie isn’t someone who tells that a particular restaurant is awesome, a foodie is someone who knows where what’s worth noshing on.

Dictionary meaning of ‘foodie’:

A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet; a person who enjoys food for pleasure

What ‘foodie’ doesn’t mean: Food Hog

A food hog is a person who hogs and constantly eats food

Food hogs pursue eating as a hobby, foodies don’t. However, this term is recklessly thrown around of late. Even someone with a digital camera who visits restaurants only for #FoodForTheDay photos, call themselves foodiies these days. Foodies know the cooking styles, ingredients, famous preparation methods along with the origin of the food they eat.

A foodie has a list of his favourite dishes that is longer than his bucket list.

Next time, call yourself a foodie only if you can make a recommendation backed with some relevant information. Okay?

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