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Did you forget someone’s birthday?

Birthdays are a 24-hour event where the spotlight is on you – some like the limelight, some don’t, but no one can escape it. But what all of us like is the spotlight from people close to us. So, when they forget your birthday, you experience multiple emotions at a time. How can someone forget an event of such significance? How dare they?

Then you realise, it is just another day for them, same as yesterday, no different than tomorrow. However, you cannot help but think about these things:

  1. But I remembered theirs?
  2. I spent days choosing their present, and they just ‘missed’ my birthday. Couldn’t even afford a wish?
  3. We’ve been talking for so many hours now and not a sign of a wish.
  4. It’s not like there’s so much on their mind. *rolls eyes while checking social media*
  5. Should I remind them?
  6. Oh, maybe they are doing it on purpose.
  7. I’ll wait for one more hour and then I’ll remind them.
  8. Why should I remind them? They are better off busy.
  9. Should I unfriend them?
  10. Okay, fine! I’ll forget their birthday too.

How do I know all these thoughts cross a person’s mind when someone misses their birthday? Because, these crossed my mind.
If you are one of those who keep missing the birthdays of people close to you, make sure you don’t miss it again and put them through this self-disrupting mental chaos.

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