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Tension is in the air?

Yep. Couples fight, and then tension is in the air until one of them apologises, or not, for god knows whose fault.

Over a period of time, the same person you couldn’t have lived without becomes someone you can’t even stand anymore. You start to escape talks of any sort, and seek friends you can spend quality time with. Two people who came together because of similarities suddenly start focussing on the differences they have. Why does that happen, after all?

That’s because, we forget the essential for a healthy relationship – give and take. We mostly forget the give part as soon as we get in a comfort zone. Do you remember the last time you appreciated your partner for something they did for you, or when they got you something? Actions that say ‘you appreciate’ are not enough. If someone is valued, express it by saying it loud and clear.

That’s because, you let relationships take a backseat. Why is it that a person gets all the attention when you are seeking him/her, but once you get into a relationship, you get into a comfort zone, thinking that this person isn’t leaving and you better divert your attention to other important things in life. That’s not true always. Reprioritise for those who matter. Make that person feel special, because that’s what they are.

That’s because, you have made it a competition as to who is at fault the most number of times. You both may have certain things to say, which maybe right from your perspective. But hold on! Instead of trying to prove yourself right and win, understand, as you two are not really opposite each other but on the same side.

You are lucky to have found someone worth valuing, don’t undervalue it!

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