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Piece of Mind on Peace of Mind

How often do you feel you are ready to quit?
How often do you feel burned out?
How often do you feel that the things happening at work shouldn’t happen at all?

Almost every day? I feel you!

When you become a person who no more looks forward to each working day with a smile, and is mostly drained and annoyed, it’s time to take things into your hand.

Now that you have become a person who no more believes in doing the universe a favour by turning up at work daily, you cannot let work get to you and ruin your peace. Work will be overwhelming some days and people will be hard to bear on other days, but again, don’t let them get to you and ruin your peace.

Instead, quit! Make their life difficult by not being at work.

Or change yourself. Wondering how? This is how.

Don’t try to be the superfast Ninja the world has ever seen or will ever see. Just because someone sent you an email, you don’t need to drop everything you are doing and respond. Or if someone said that they needed something ‘Now’ doesn’t mean you can’t put it on hold for some time, till you finish the task at hand.

Respond and not react should be the key. Heated conversations and outbursts are pretty common in this cutting-edge corporate environment. Avoid getting to a vicious verbal war or giving a reaction to haters, instead eat something good. Trust me, good food is good mood. While I was at one of my not-very-praiseworthy verbal exchange with some team members, a senior in the team suggested I should eat some fried food. I took the advice and bad mood vanished. Trust me, I wasn’t hangry. The point is, getting emotional at workplace is a waste of your energy. If you ever get emotional, take a few moments, get rid of the unnecessary bashful words from your speech and respond. And then, go get some good food.

Cribbing and cringing with people who have no power to change anything in your life is again a wasted effort. Take a break, come back for a face to face discussion with someone who ‘has’ power, and get turned down in-person. This way, you will feel betrayed, but in-person, in a soundproof conference room. Then maybe, you will feel motivated to look for a new job. But till then, you can either sulk or let the world know, they have hired you, not owned you.

Hope this piece of my mind gives you some peace of mind.

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