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Dear Mother Nature, why the period?

Dear Mother Nature,
I don’t get it. I mean I have been putting up with things only you control for decades now, and even bowing down to all yours whims, but I don’t get it. I’m sure you are pretty busy in making the lives of women of the world difficult, but take some time out and answer, why the period?
I know, I know, science and blah blah. I don’t want to hear all that logic or facts behind menstrual cycle. Was the back-hurting, uterus cramping, dress ruining, emotionally tiring period necessary? How can I miss that hyperactive bladder. Is this funny to you? What are you, a six year old?
Why can’t you let us live in peace? Trust me, being happy and not wanting to chainsaw everyone you see in half, is actually a good feeling. A week full of tears and being afraid to sneeze is downright unacceptable! Having a massacre downstairs and those lovely loose stools to go along. Is that your idea of fun?
It’s not funny anymore! How about shooting biodegradable confetti instead of blood? That will be fun!
Think about it.

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