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Incompetent bosses make good bullies

Bullying in the workplace is more common than we realise, especially the bullying bosses. And in the Zogby’s survey from 2007, it was found that workplace bullies cause actual damage to the health of people bullied. So, why does this continue? Simple, because it’s legal.

If you work under someone whose habits are affecting your productivity. You should know, you are dealing with an incompetent boss here.

Some of the signs of an incompetent boss

  • He hasn’t read your proposal but already has great ideas on how to improve it.
  • When they talk, it feels like your soul has died.
  • One of you is wrong, and since he is the boss, it is definitely going to be you
  • They take unnecessary meetings on how to improve productivity. If only they would let us spend less time at such meetings and more time at actual work.

What should you be doing to sort it out?

Quit and find a new job because there’s hardly anything you can do to prove that you are a valuable resource to an incompetent and a bully boss.

So, it’s better to find a company and a boss that values you!

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