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Bengaluru Weather Gone Wild

Known to be the city of pleasant weather, Bengaluru sun has gone wild. It is getting hotter by the day.

With people flocking this place for work, and unstoppably reproducing, only to become that red line on the google maps and ending up becoming the reason for hot weather. Those red lines on the google maps comfortably sit in their air-conditioned cars and fancy bikes, emitting heat waves and pollutants.

It is so hot here that the corn is becoming popcorn even after wearing sunscreen, the water from coconut has dried up and had camels been here, they would have considered relocating.

Bathing leaves me confused, if I am wet from the shower or already sweating. If I decide sleeping with window wide open, only the mosquitoes like it.

However, what remains unaffected is the city’s construction. To add on to the metro construction trauma is the abrupt maintenance of city’s roads and cows, always chilling-in-the-middle-of-road. Adding up to the red lines going redder in the Bengaluru sun!

Bengaluru weather

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