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Appraisal: The annual game at the workplace

This is the time when workplace insanity multiplies manifold and the office enthusiasts portray inexplicable traits of weird behavior. This time is referred to as appraisal time.

There are several kinds of personalities that get active during this time of the year:

  1. Sloggers: They smell the March-April air coming during January and transform into a hard worker and a sweet talker. Don’t expect them to work all through the year, they would crib and cringe and find out faults in everything until it’s January. Then, they not would they slog but they would also sweet-talk the boss for two months into giving them good appraisal, so that they can satisfactorily go back to doing nothing from Labour Day.
  2. Transformers: This is the time when people with split personality disorder transition into someone else, and surprise the boss as well as the co-workers who have been observing their chaalupanti all these months. These people start taking initiatives, of course, after cc-ing the boss in the emails.
  3. Protesters: These people sit on Jantar Mantar and start protesting as soon as the appraisal letter comes in hand. Blood in the veins boil, vengeance takes over. For someone who gave their best to the organization, this peanut of an appraisal is an insult. They cry, sulk and threaten to leave, but only end up surrendering to the situation.
  4. Hulks: These people are genuinely working aggressively all through the year, but only at the right time, they are not able to showcase their hard work.
  5. Punishers: Those who are busy organizing Rangoli competitions and picnics throughout the year, suddenly get into the role of the punisher. The revenge is served in the form of measly figures. For the hard workers, HR is responsible for not just the negligible raise, but everything that’s wrong in the world!

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