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Office: World of Workplace Insanity

Office stress can be distressing, especially when you are working with childish adults, who as well, are extremely insecure about their job. These insecure people create an ambiance of cringe and crib, for they are too alone in their bubble of negativity and want to drag people inside to accompany them. So, these childish adults lack capacity to handle things on their own, and rush to the manager for smallest of concerns.
I fail to understand, why would they not bring their mummy to office, to change their diapers and feed them porridge as well.

But these people are not the only reason why taking that job up seems eyebrow raising.
There are times, when work place becomes a place that gets you worked up.chair-office: randomrings

  • You define your office as a place, where you come to cry.
  • You contemplate every morning, if you really need this job.
  • When it’s not just people, but printers too, that refuse to cooperate.
  • When you are excelling only at making excel sheets.
  • No coffee, no workee seems to be the only befitting quote.
  • When it’s Thursday and you already can’t wait to come back from work tomorrow.
  • You show around the office to a new co-worker and end up teary eyed, remembering the time when you were happy and full of life, just like him.
  • You consider moving to a new country, changing your identity and start a new life.
    At least that’s better than killing someone on the job.
  • When you are still 40 mins away from your logout time and you calculate that you have two twenty minute halves to deal with, which means, you would have to go through ten minutes four times.
  • When the laziest colleague complains about working so hard, and you have to bite your tongue so as not to end up with HR department for abusing him.
  • The times when ‘let’s sit in meeting’ turns into ‘let’s shit in meeting’.

But you got to stay strong, for it is time for the annual game at workplace that we all look forward to. That period when all the common sense deficient people and the smart asses exhibit an elaborate document with traits of their weird behaviour all through the year. Yes, the appraisals. And all of us know that no matter what the increment numbers are, it is our right to remain dissatisfied and get back to the same place, the next morning, contemplating job change.

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