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Women Washrooms: places for friendships & latest gossip scoop

Women washrooms are not just washrooms; they are the areas of social gatherings. You’ll see friendships budding and evolving there, you’ll hear discussions about almost everything – from balloon to boulder, boyfriends to bosses.

From the serious group talks to just a hey-nod, you become washroom friends in that area equivalent to watercooler. ‘Sink Talk’ is the concept similar to ‘Watercooler Talk’, happening just behind the closed doors of female washrooms.

Discussions of same level of intensity happen there too!


A trip to the bathroom can magically blossom into a new friendship. Who hasn’t had these conversations while waiting in the loo?

Holding pee is no way to live! Why can’t she hurry up? Well, seriously, what is she doing in there?
Possibly, having a baby! Eh?

The sob stories! He doesn’t deserve you. You deserve so much better.
When you see a girl huddled by three friends while she sobs, and you eavesdrop for a few seconds, you get what the matter is!

‘I love your top’ translates to Instant best friends!
Who doesn’t love compliments and they are freely available in the washroom queue. A small talk about where is it bought from gives you your new fashion destination and a new best friend. Bingo!

Washroom is not just a place to strike friendships, it is also a place to get the interesting scoop on what’s hot on your floor.

Interesting phone conversations happening inside the restroom cabin gives you a not-needed yet interesting insight on what her evening plans are, or who is she crushing on.

From colleague’s secrets to their issues with the boss and everything in between, to know these, head to the washroom!

What you now and then also encounter is…bitching about You!
If you have issues with someone at workplace, there’s a high chance you’ll become a sink-talk topic. But why let it get to you, when you do that too.

As for me, I landed with HR, in the first week of my new job while bitching about a colleague in the washroom. What I wasn’t aware of was, she was inside one of the cabins. I mean, I had just called her a ‘certified loser’. Was it that big a thing to be taken to the HR? Huh!

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