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Diwali & Homecoming

The festive season just got over. People aren’t really able to digest the fact that the light & sound festival, Diwali, is over. They continue to burn crackers and the lighting on their houses refuse to go off.


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But have you noticed, each festival has its own vibe. When they are around the corner, you can almost smell it in the air. No?

When Diwali is near, there’s cool breeze blowing when you wake up in the morning. You try to crawl out of the bed, drag yourself to the bathroom, only to turn the shower on and wait to gather enough courage to get into it.

You realise, you are running late for work, and plan to wake up at least 10 minutes early the next day, so as to dedicate that time to perfectly balance the hot and cold water for bath.

While mornings are lazy, evenings are pleasant, and that smell reminds you of the festivities. And when you are staying away from home, that smell tends to bring a smile on your face. The smell of heading back home.

Suddenly, the advertisements talking about ‘Ghar wali Diwali’ start playing in your mind on loop. Especially that particular scene from the Maruti Suzuki ad, where a guy holds a banner in his hand, asking for a Lift. The banner reads “Need to be Home for Diwali”.

So, I have spent all my Diwalis at home till now, including this one. But this was the first time, I was away and was homebound for the festivities!

More than the festival, I was excited about treating my taste buds. Poor thing, they have seen bad days of late, with gravy bhindi and gravy gobhi served for dinner. Two weeks before my temporary departure from the South to the North, I decided to make two lists. Naturally, lists had to be about food.

List One had the names of the dishes I planned to nosh on.
List Two had the names of the food items I planned to take back with me.

So far, list two is sorted. And list one has three items left unchecked. Three items, two days!

Like Diwali is celebrated to mark Ram’s return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. This time, it marked my temporary return to hometown after defeating the food monsters.

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