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Cockroaches feel lonely too

Cockroaches seem to have a vendetta against me. They have terrorised me ever since I was a kid. But recently, when I moved to a new abode, these horrible creatures upped their game and their attacks grew worse.

They are everywhere.

Imagine, you venture into the kitchen in the middle of the night to satisfy your craving. And out of nowhere, a cockroach dashes past you. Caught by surprise, you squish it using your shoe or slipper.

You get into your bed, feeling something under the pillow, praying for it to be a hair tie, but deep down, you know what have you just squished in your hands.

You open cupboard, they are wearing your clothes and sitting like a mannequin right there. You throw your ironed clothes on the floor, holding slipper in one hand and Mortein in another, giving them an insecticide bath.

If only that had put an end to it. These creatures come in various shapes and sizes, and some are winged too!

As if they weren’t creepier already.

Know what’s scarier than a cockroach? A flying cockroach!


And what’s scarier than a flying cockroach? A cockroach going out of sight.
Then you spending the rest of the night lying in terror on my mattress thinking of it crawling around the room awaiting its revenge.

Shit hits the fan when you wake up, walk groggily to the bathroom, only to see cockroaches having a water-cooler conversation. In a matter of seconds you are fully awake, and armed.

A cockroach I saw recently was a Daredevil, sitting on the nozzle of Mortein spray bottle. I gave him an applause with my slipper.

One day, I got to know that cockroaches also get lonely in isolation. I started sympathising with them. It was as if, they wanted to be around me for company. And I was so wrong in calling them terrorising. All they wanted me to do was a little feather poking. It apparently stimulates their physical development.

Since then, whenever I spot a cockroach sitting gloomily in my closet or behind the shoe rack, I walk up to it, and say, “don’t you worry, I’m lonely too. We can be each other’s company in this pigeon hole.”

I gain its confidence and Bam! Squishy gooey cockroach’s carcass sticking to the bottom of my slipper speaks of betrayed trust.

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