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Getting fired: kick in the teeth

Getting fired is a grave disappointment, much like getting a kick in the teeth. There are times when you call for it, a lot of time you don’t deserve it. But, all you can do is, get up, dust off your clothes, wipe away the blood and get set in the sun again – never to enter those gates again.

By then, the workplace had become your second home, cafeteria – your very own lounge, and workstation – your PUBG arena. You get in a mood – won’t bat an eyelid if meteor hit the office, in fact you silently pray for it.

People sympathise, empathise which doesn’t really help! It makes you feel humiliated and embarrassed and worthless.

But people want to talk, they want to know the out-and-out of it. As if saying “Laid off” wasn’t self-explanatory. You tell them what the company told you before handing out your relieving letter,

“Operations will now need fewer people to run the show. You aren’t incapable and you didn’t do something wrong. It is just to bring down our burn rate because we are on our path to make our business stronger.”

Choked on your own tears, you go on to summarise this statement for them, “Cost-cutting equals profitability.”

You get to hear more condolences! But you don’t need that, what you need are the ways to come alive out of the shipwreck.

So, here are the ways to cope up with layoff, from the horse’s mouth

Take time, grieve, don’t force a smile: It is quite possible that you didn’t see the downsizing coming, unlike a deteriorating relationship. You come to office, everything is fine, and suddenly, by the end of day 20% of the company is being let go. It throws you into a spin, you aren’t able to process what just happened. The sinking feeling, the feeling of being rejected seeps in. Putting your brave face for the world can wait, take a little time to indulge in wallows.

Don’t take it personally: Undoubtedly, it hurts to know that despite working with complete dedication, no misbehaving, you’ve been let go. But thus difficult time isn’t a seal of disapproval on you or your value. Don’t let it obfuscate your vision. Leave everything aside, which is easier said than done, and get on the job hunting spree.

Relook at your finances: Revisit your current spending, tighten your belt to deal with the next few weeks of expenses without income.

Desperation won’t do any good: Don’t accept the first offer you get. Explore! It is understandable that you might be in the beggars-are-not-choosers situation, but it will restrict you from seeing the red flags in your current offer and working for the next viable opportunity. Be reflective about the next offer so as to avoid looking out for a job in another few months.

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