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Kinds of friends on social media

Social media is a strange place. Instead of focussing on how to be social, people end up doing social. All of us have a lot of friends on social media. Ones who send Candy Crush requests, some who are always heart broken, others who post annoying statuses – The list is endless. But calling out the various types of friends we have would be considered rude, so we tolerate them, and maybe even like their posts once in a while, out of courtesy. Here are the kinds of friends on social media:

Kinds of friends on social media

The Selfie-Obsessed – Posting beautiful pictures of yourself that you took yourself is now a thing. But Selfie-Obsessed takes it to a whole new level; from ‘woke up like this’ selfie to ‘coffee with bae’ selfie, they just can’t get enough of it.

The Double Trouble, aka, Couples – At the verge of completing the final stage of symbiosis and merging into one, couples constantly write on each other’s wall and publicly display affection. Had things ended right there, it would have been bearable, but they go one step further. They put statuses stating the achievement of a milestone in their relationship which can be anything from ‘1 month of togetherness’ to ‘6 years of togetherness’. And do you even know how cool their bae is; he cooks the tastiest noodles? You sure can’t unsee the beach pics they made some stranger take.

The Blogger-Reporter – While the wannabe food blogger tempts you with the pictures of beautiful food under carefully chosen filters, the sports blogger enlightens you with their expert opinion and predictions in their series of statuses during a game. The politics reporters on the feed are similar to the sports buffs, but into politics. Equally annoying!

The Mummy-Baby – The social media account held by the mummy is now ruled by the baby, leaving us questioning, who does the facebook/insta belong to, mummy or the baby? From poop posts to first steps, from school awards to kid’s birthday parties, each album with 25+ photos. Maybe this is the legacy mummys want to handover to their kids when they grow up.

The Animal Lover – This animal lover loves non-vegetarian food as much as they love to pet animals. Pretty much similar to mummy-baby kind; they own a cat or a dog instead of a baby, and that animal is their reason of happiness, their best friend, or so they portray!

The Traveller – With every second person owning a DSLR now-a-days, you get to see 67 high resolution photos, or more, per album of places they visit, quite frequently. Woohoo Wanderlust. These photos range from a dog’s to random green trees, or from people walking the roads to sumptuous breakfast they’ve had.

And if by chance, the traveller is someone studying abroad, you will get to see 367 photos over the next few months.

The Fiancé – You have lived their love story through photos holding ring in the hand and longish statuses about the proposal. Just after the engagement happens, there is a flush of awkwardly positioned hand photos which display the rock on their finger.

Did I mention the fitness freaks? The list of kinds of friends on social media is incomplete without it.

They constantly upload pictures of selfies at the gym and make you re-evaluate your life. You like their photos loathingly as you swallow your pizza bite.

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