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Summer Vacations are here. Yayie! Well, not.

It’s so depressing. Everyone is flaunting their exotic vacation. Timelines packed with photos from all over the world, minus Mussoorie, Nainital or Shimla. Because summers are here. And so are vacations. Yayie! Well, not.

Fellow depressed people raise your hands. Moral support needed! With these vacation pictures rubbed right in my face, I need someone to share my lack of vacation woes with.

You are a criminal if you aren’t vacationing at exotic places this summer, or so these vacation snobs feel. Don’t they understand, not everyone can go for a vacation? There may be those who can’t afford it or don’t want to travel for some reason, or simply have evil bosses who don’t grant leaves.

Depression hits another low when you are made to realise that even trees have leaves, but you don’t. Or even the pankha in your room, vo bhi ghoomta hai, but you don’t.

I mean seriously yaar, go wherever you want to. But would you not be a check-in maniac? From international airport to hotels to stoppages. Why don’t you check-in from the loo in Scotland? That’s also phoreign, no?


Don’t be a human equivalent of cloud burst, please!

I understand, you derive extreme pleasure by flaunting your pictures, but I (read: We, for I am the voice of all depressed people) really don’t need to see your 486 selfies and pictures with unknown firangs, or international dogs relaxing by the pool. Also, if you plan to do a facebook live, please please, let it be of something I, your Facebook friend, would like to see. I mean, those videos of a duck being a duck and chilling and eating doesn’t excite me. It depresses me. You went on an exotic vacation for this?!

What, do you want me to unfriend and block you? You know what that would mean, do you? That would mean, one friend less to flaunt your fancy vacation to. Hmm hmm.

I am fed up. And the rest of you, can you not ask 10 thousand questions from those vacationers? Do you even realise those questions and the excited replies to those become notifications for all of us? Also, that makes the album “Scotland trip with frnzzz” pop on our timeline again and again.

Most of us, are already feeling low and can do nothing about it, can you please let us live in peace?

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