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Beware of Bad Bosses

Bad bosses won’t just impact your productivity in the office, they will affect your entire life. It’s not me who says that, it’s the survey commissioned by Lynn Taylor Consulting that confirms it. A whopping 19.2 hours are wasted each week worrying about what a boss says or does. What’s more? Out of these, 6.2 hours are spent fretting over the weekend.

While terrible bosses affect you terribly, a good manager can help you bring out the best in you.

Beware of Bad Bosses

The good part is, they show signs of being good or evil early on. Notice, before you get too involved.

Sign 1
If your boss refuses to admit their mistake, it means they’re not willing to go out of their comfort zone for you.
*open resume.docx *

Sign 2
If they expect you to be like them and tends to reflect their style onto everything you do, just say “ok bbdol” to show that you value their suggestions.
*edit resume.docx*

Sign 3
If your boss doesn’t hear your viewpoint and doesn’t like you for being an opinionated person, keep saying the nice things they want to hear, like, “wow, nice underwear, sir!”
*convert resume.docx to resume.pdf*

Sign 4
If they have favourites and are blind to your skills or the value you add to the organisation. Well, then you need to show some passion about your job. Kiss your boss on the neck.
*login to jobs dot com*

Sign 5
If you have to push yourself harder to wake up in the morning and it takes a truckload of courage to face your boss, kidnap them, keep them safe – in the refrigerator.
*apply apply apply*

If the only good thing about your job is the chair that spins, then it’s time to pull out a sock from pocket and shout “DOBBY HAS NO MASTER, DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!”

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