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Dil lena khel hai…

There are two kinds of people,
one, who cry with their friends after their breakup and sing ‘dil lena khel hai dildaar ka, oooo’. Heartbroken people love that shit.
two, those who help their friends breakup, as creatively as possible, because they need a wallpaper change in their phones.

I, being from the second group, consider it my duty to share the savage ways to breakup with people or things you are in relationship with.

#1 – Basic comparison

Things I like about Coffee:

  • It makes me excited.
  • It’s hot & good enough to have every day.
  • Too strong or weak, it’s still good.

Things I like about you:

  • Nothing
  • Bye

#2 – Creativity and poeticity, pen down a Haiku


#3 – Blame game 

We have to break up.
But it’s not you, it’s me.

My ears make you sound so lame and boring.
And my eyes make you look old and ugly.

Bidding You Goodbye!!
*Teary-eyed Me*

#4 – Urgent-marked email 

We are over as of Mar 31, 2018.
I have moved on and I suggest you too be with someone who cares.
Because I Don’t. Bye.


I will be back with more such breakup ideas, God willing.
Till then, send some love and money, mostly money! 🙂

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