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Life streaming!

Live Life streaming!

There were days when we had to wait for an entire week to watch the next episode of our favourite shows. Things changed a bit when the cable TV came and then the dish. But now, streaming apps have turned it into a havoc.

And when we thought this generation that’s going insane over streaming apps can be controlled, just then, Jio came into existence. And hell broke loose. Yayy, free internet.

The scene is such:

Netflix/Prime/Hotstar: Where’s your monthly subscription?
We: Here are my credit and debit cards. Take all my money, please! 🤤

Sabzi wala bhaiya: Aaloo Rs.20/kg
We: Arrey? Loot macha rakhi hai, paise kya paed par ugte hain. 🙄

Now I see people, including myself, glued to the screens. Devoting all their energies to do absolutely nothing all day. Sworn to watch the season after season till their eyes go dry and begin to scream for help.

I guess it’s more so because those streaming apps opened for the young and old, an exciting little never-ending world of entertainment which Ekkta Kapoor couldn’t. Ever.

But what fascinates me is, how that week of wait to know what would happen next, turned us into curious bunch of binge watchers. We have become perfectly capable of watching episode after episode, and season after season, till our mind threatens us of turning into a lunatic.

In no time, people will start asking, “Netflix and beta, tum dono shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” 🤭


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