Random Rings

If only they noticed

It was one of those October days when the sun shines hot and bright, the wind blows cold. When it feels summer in the light and winter in the shade.

For help, no one showed. Everyone ignored, when she kept saying, the body doesn’t feel like her abode.

Miserable as she felt, she was expected to put a happy and brave face most of the time. Not putting up a brave face anymore. She decided.

Not that he stuck around to fix her. He decided to go away, too. Leaving her broken, wounds unattended, feelings unmended.

Soon enough, the cringe and the crabbiness started getting her to the self-imposed exile. And that’s how it all began, gone was her smile.

It had taken control of her, came to life was her greatest fear. It sat there, with an impression. No one noticed, how she was enveloped with depression.

Only if anyone noticed, and heard her silent cries, things would have been different, with she enjoying the winds and the bright blue skies.

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