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Time to ‘Mix The Body’

There’s a dancer inside all of us, it just needs the right tunes to free the right moves! That’s precisely what British Council attempted in association with the famous contemporary dance artists from Studio Wayne Mc Gregor, UK and Attakkalari Dance Company, India.

One of its kind digital dance experience, Mix The Body, was launched in India on October 16, 2017 as a part of UK/India 2017 initiative to celebrate a major bilateral year of cultural exchange.

Alan Gemmell launching Mix The Body

Alan Gemmell launching Mix The Body

Introduced by Alan Gemmell OBE, the Director of the British Council in India, Mix The Body is an interactive platform that offers users an understanding of contemporary dance.

Wondering how?
Herein, people can create their own dance piece online by connecting with the physical movement of the dancers on the platform.
Just pick your dancers, create gestures on the device screen, add musical score to it, and you are done. You can learn the contemporary dance by going through the choreographic journey of professional dancers and see the result of that journey as a final shareable video.

how it works

Being a part of the event, and witnessing those mesmerising dance moves was a beautiful experience. It has empowered users to choreograph a unique dance – on their phones – using Wayne’s dance language and dancers from Attakkalari and Wayne’s company.

True to their endeavour, Mix The Body promotes curiosity, makes people more reflective, thereby celebrating diversity in a distinct musical dance way.

Experiencing the interactive platform

Experiencing the interactive platform

Know more about it here.

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