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Happiness is Mom-made!

Chhole Bhature is a dish that you can easily find in every nook of Delhi. This city loves chhole bhature at any time of the day. To make things pleasurable for all, October 2 was declared as International Chhole Bhature Day back in 2012, and the city has been celebrating it ever since.

Being a Delhite, my love for the soft and spongy Bhaturas with saucy Chhole knows no bounds. I would even rate a hospital basis unki canteen mein chhole bhature kaise milte hain. And when those puffed breads and chickpeas are homemade, it’s like so many yummy cherries on the cake. It is synonymous with Happiness is Homemade.

We rarely go out for dinners, or order in, since my mother is a delightful cook. And when you find flavours in your home’s kitchen, there’s hardly any need to hunt places for lip-smacking delicacies either.

What made me all sentimental about home-cooked food?
Well, it was yet again a Happy Chhole Bhature Day at my place, and this dope left me drooling.

Bhature, Chhole, Chhole bhature



💗 Mom-made Chhole Bhature 💗


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will…
A plateful of chhole bhature will give you the needed thrill.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is Mom-made!

  1. Pree

    Arrey bhai bulana tha na! 😐 That homemade mommade platter looks killer.

    Since i am on diet i skipped CB but my bad i gorged on hot dogs 🤦‍♀️🤣

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