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Saptan Stories – The art of storytelling

Don’t you think, digital media has opened doors for us to reach out to the masses? Certainly, yes is for an answer! And when art shakes hands with digital media, surrealism happens.

That was the beauty of Saptan Stories! A creative collaboration between Aardman & British Council as a part of UK/India 2017; a year-long celebration of modern-day India and its 70-year relationship with the UK, aimed at inspiring creative writing, thinking and art. It brought together 7 standout artists from India and UK who interpret Saptan Stories in their own varied styles. The artists are Adrita Das, Gavin Strange, Gemma Correll, Janine Shroff, Mr Mead, Priyesh Trivedi, and Saloni Sinha.

Saptan Stories

I was invited to the Exclusive unveiling of art pieces for the 5th week by British Council, India, where writers and bloggers from various genres came together to put across their version of an art.

The week 5 of the Saptan Stories had those artists churning their brains on “I was falling through what seemed like a long tunnel, blinded by lights. I somehow landed on my two feet and found myself in a large hall. Walls covered in photographs. Photographs of my entire life.”

Beautifully woven stories, free-flowing on a canvas, captivating enough to leave you pondering, only to form a new story of your own. Isn’t that what art is all about – each one’s interpretation as beautiful as the piece – rattled brains, adding on to the analogy of stories!

Story and art

Discussions with the artists, the bloggers, about the role digitisation has played in our lives was also taken up. The bustling lives hardly allows us an artist to reach the masses, but showcasing their creativity over the web opens up a whole new horizon. More so, because it gives an artist a platform to connect with other artists.


All in all, it was a fun-filled event and being a part of it was enthralling. The arts were amazing, and so were the artists. In its one of its kind endeavour, Saptan Stories introduced me to the finesse of art, or should I say, the digital art, leaving me wanting for more.

You can view the stories and art pieces of all the 5 weeks here.

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