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Jaipur revisited

A long overdue plan, finally materialised – only to die a natural death for some, only to happen in a fuddy-duddy way for others. Initial group of 12 Jaipur enthusiasts got reduced to 4 within a week’s span. Cancellations for 8 had to be done and vacation mood was screwed.

But I had to visit the place again.

Just a day before the trip, she tripped and fell and broke her ankle. But we still lugged her till Jaipur. And made her get her pictures clicked.

City palace broken foot

Amid the food and pool breaks, oh…look at the pool.

Hotel Pool

Yea, so between food and pool breaks, we were more inclined towards food breaks.


And the selfies in the rangeelo pagdis 😉


The trip was coming to an end, we had managed to visit just one fort – Nahargarh, when we decided to say a quick hello to the ghosts of Bhangarh. Spooky, dank, full of lushes – the birds sounded scared. Though there were many humans wandering through the day, the place has the capacity to go eerie by the night.bhangarh fort

Oh…and did I tell you, we paid a visit to Neemrana fort palace too?

neemrana fort palace


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