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Annoying guys, it’s your turn!

I really don’t agree that only girls are the drama queens. You have to, have to believe that guys too are. At least, girls admit that they irritate the daylights out of people around. Won’t you want to know some things that our guy friends say, that could be annoying af. Time to drill these ego machines.

“Why do you talk to him? You don’t have to be all sweet to him.”
Seriously? Replacing the needless suspicion with needful respect works much better!

“Why are you overreacting?”
Hain? That’s because God made us this way! We are more emotional by nature which sometimes (read most often) translate in tears! Okay? Is that such a big deal? It’s not! And don’t you dare mention PMS, World War ho jayegi. We fight with you, not your hormones. How about leaving ours alone?!

“I’m listening. Can’t you see?”
Really? With that phone in your hand?? C’mon, admit that your brain was focused on the gadget in your hands. Who are you kidding?

“Why are you so fussy?”
Because we are! At least we are not messy, like you. Oh, and lazy. And Oh, annoying. And not agreeing to being all this. Won’t it be better if, instead of blaming us for nitpicking, you start picking the mess around you?


I’m done criticising for the day. Excuse me, I’ll go look for more things to criticise tomorrow. It’s good to be prepared, no? For I’m the President of the Fault Finders’ Association.

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