Random Rings


Colleagues to her were like those friendly neighbours who welcome you one morning with scratches on your new car, just because they have difficulty digesting your success.

You, my friend, are offended because you too were taught at school that jealousy is a very bad thing. But that feeling snapping inside you when your best friend scored more marks, what was that? Or when he got invited to the birthday of the prettiest girl in the class? Psst…Jealousy!

Don’t act surprised now…We all are born with that J gene.

No. Don’t give me those strange looks, I never claimed she was normal. Or Me!


As the time passed by
Travelling places became a distant dream
Earning money like Uncle Scrooge seemed impossible

Although it wasn’t a sad thing
She wasn’t particularly happy

Every office meeting made her ask herself
“You skipped watching a movie last night
and slept for this shit?”

All those “Let’s sit in 5 minutes” meant “Let’s shit in 5 minutes”
But she knew it was bad manners to die during a meeting!

She kept blaming education
“Why did these colleagues have to study
and be a pain in her ass?”

And when stuck in the traffic
“Why did these people had to go to office
and jam the roads?”

At least here, she was pretty sorted

Office was the problem, and
Education per se was to be cursed!


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