Random Rings


From deflating tyres to painting shoes…things I do to cope with fun deficiency syndrome!

Was recently looking for minion shoes, couldn’t find one that would fit me. Ending up frustrated, I decided to paint one for myself. Having sat for 2 hours on the cold floor struggling with tapes and paints and brushes, this was the outcome.

minion shoes

Not bad for the first time, right?

Another weekend was spent bringing this bug out of the box.

bug out of the box shoes

The bug pretty much liked the dirt, and had to be redone. This time in all blacks!

bug in black shoes

And then these…

razzmatazz jazz matazz

Though I feel, these look too jazzy to be worn to work, but who cares.

I’m getting better, no? I can paint one for you too 🙂


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