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Dieting or Die-eating, what would you pick?

Stepping on the weighing scale makes you cry? Trust me, it’s fine. You have just added a few minutes to that hourglass figure.


Did that make you laugh?? No?!

Know what, you could burn calories by laughing. Did you find it funny now? 😀

Your diet would only want you to lose your weight and not your sense of humour. Please laugh. You could lose up to 50 calories by laughing 10-15 minutes a day. Helps in stress reduction, immune system boosting, natural pain relief and increased blood flow too. Isn’t that cool?!

So, here I get some weight loss tips, with tinge of tickle.

  1. Liposuction is passé. And expensive. Try Lip Obstruction.

Every time you see fatty food, seal your lips with imaginary superglue, so that no food particle can enter your mouth.

  1. Doughnut touch.

It’s sugary, it’s sinful and it’s delicious. Yes! Doughnuts are love. There’s no restriction on eating doughnuts/donuts, as long as you only eat the centre part.

  1. Don’t follow your heart if it leads you to fridge.   

Having a cupcake in both the hands is your idea of balanced diet? Keeping one slice of pizza over another thinking that the body won’t know what you did there? Poof! You now weigh more than your refrigerator. Miss the ‘mis’ in misbalanced diet. Start eating your food using toothpick.

  1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Go to the gym, you!

Of course, there is this awesome new diet plan called get-the-hell-up-and-workout-every-damn-day. Try it.

  1. Mirror-mirror on the wall…

Just put on a t-shirt that is sewn short by calories who secretly entered your closet. See that muffin in the middle of your body? Yeah, now sit in front of the mirror. Woah, Muffin just got bigger. Don’t be proud. What you got to do is, sit right there and eat your food, occasionally staring at that muffin. 🙄 Motivation enough, eh?

In the end, just to be clear, running every half an hour to the kitchen is not counted as exercise.

Probable Body Shape Transition Graph 


Probable Body Shape Transition Graph

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