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The Burning Strain: When stress affects your mind

Of late, I have encountered a lot of people feeling a bit low or out of sync. Well, includes me too! But what’s mostly common is the nature or cause of unhappiness. Stress about loving ourselves, loving the loved ones, achieving inner peace, having a good night’s sleep, facing competition, procrastinating, presenting ours is a happy family despite the odds and many more.

Hiring, firing, bosses, tosses, maid in India, paid in India – deal with it Now or even better, escape! Most people pick escape over dealing, know why? Because it’s easy. And safe. And better than taking up a fight.

In case you are confused if you need an escape or not, check your surroundings.

Close your eyes, that is, after you finish reading this post and think about the people you spend your day in the company of. Colleagues, friends, closed ones…could be anyone. Are they mostly happy when you see them? Are you mostly happy when they see you?

If the answer to that is no, then please get up, walk out and stand there facing the wall with hands up. Not now Einstein, after you finish reading this post. How many times do I need to tell that?

So, if the answer to that is a ‘no’, you need to escape. Happiness is infectious, and if you aren’t catching that infection, either you are around wrong people or you are a wrong people. Go away anyway.

Wasting away your time in the company of negativity and people who have nothing good to say about anyone, you will start to sound like them sooner than you can imagine.

What to do? Mentally switch off or avoid.
The moment you smell negativity, think about Rakhi Sawant, think about Kejru or Dino Morea. But if mentally switching off isn’t working for you, then escape.

There are times, when confronting is not the best thing to do, but then mental peace is also a necessity bhai. Such times, Escape! It’s better than not letting the smiles escape our mouths.

Escaping is a formula, my dearies that may not be the solution, but definitely is that Patli Gali we often hear about. Pakad ke nikal lo.

And now that I have given you the gyaan, please send Rs. 2000 by cash (in new currency only)/cheque/Bank DD. Thank you!

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