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I hope…

So the calendar changed! From 2016 to 2017.

I hear everyone saying, “it’s a new year, be new, do new.” But I don’t see anything new happening.

After that tiny holiday, have to return to same workplaces, doing the same shi.. Err…work.

So what’s the ‘new’ that we keep talking of? New movies, new songs, new clothes…is that it?

‘New year, new me’ isn’t really happening.

Expectation and reality of new year

Like previous year, and the year before, and the year before…I still have that real oh-I’m-bored look on my face. I am still hunting for new ways to escape any work that might be useful to mankind.

All I want to do is stare at a wall or a blank computer screen. And not think about heaps of work.

But then, this lack of newness makes me cling to hope…I hope!

I hope you slept away the sadness and the fears of the past year.
I hope you dream anew now, each day.
I hope you wake up every morning knowing that you and people around will be better, stronger.
I hope you take a step each day towards being a better version of you.
I hope all you want is to expand your horizons and not feel guilty for doing so.
I hope your craving to get out there and make great memories never dissolves.

LOL, JK! 😉

I hope you make great friends and screw their lives.
I hope you stress all the time about whether you are looking fat.
I hope you have that constipated look on your face in every photo of yours.
I hope you have that big red pimple on your face every time you have to attend any event.
I hope you grow this year, not from top or bottom of your body, but middle.

crop top

Maine itna gyaan baanta…how about shouting out a loud cheer? Oh, and btw, Happy New Year.



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