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All you need is a day off

So, it’s the birthday month. *whistles* And I have already applied for leave.

Nope, it’s not a happy thing for me, but a chhutti thing.

Honestly I was pretty relieved when Kejriwal came to power, that we’d start getting special cough leave every month. But I am disappointed!

That reminds me of people who are under the weather – who are carefree enough to sneeze and cough on your face, and not feel sorry about that either. This happens a lot during the viral infection season, which apparently lasts twelve months in a year.

Now toh if I see someone unwell, I maaro-ed a standard line, irrespective of the season or month. With a wise look on my face, I paste a polite smile with a tinge of gloom, ever-so-slowly shake my head and say “Changing weather hai na, thode din mein farak padd jayega. Take care.”

And I swear by Mulayam Singh Yadav (just because he has a cute first name). Yea, so I swear by Mulayam Singh Yadav, I am absolutely clueless as to what ‘changing weather’ means. Not that I care hoots, but I have seen people love this remark and accept it with all seriousness, no matter which time of the year it is.

That’s not it. Everyone around you turns into a self-proclaimed doctor itching to cure you.

Me: I have fever and cold since yesterday.

Self-Proclaimed Doctor 1: Viral hi hoga, antibiotic le lo. Aur gargles karo and inhale steam.
Self-Proclaimed Doctor 2: No-no, avoid strong medicines, instead take ginger and honey.
Self-Proclaimed Doctor 3: Homeopathy se hi farak padega.

Me: *rolls eyes*

Self-Proclaimed Doctors: You neither want allopathy. You nor want homeopathy. Toh chahiye kya?

Me: Chhutti.

day off


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