Random Rings


I get jealous. I prefer being jealous than murderous. People have got so much swag; I am unfortunately left with no other option.

The other day, I was travelling in metro, which is like most other days. *sigh*
Bored, looking around, peeping in people’s phones, eavesdropping to stumble upon interesting stuff…I had done it all. Just then, I got lucky! An aunty was travelling with a cranky kid of about 6 years who wanted his sister’s money (yup…I heard with my supersonic ears). Being a humble mother she decided to impart him with the ‘gyan’ – the best I have ever heard!

She said, “Beta, uske paise kyun chahiye tujhe? Tu bada hoke police wala ban’na. Vo jahan jaate hain, unko sab apne aap paise dene lagte hain! Tere pass bohot paise ho jayenge.”

(Son, why do you need her money? Become a policeman when you grow up. People bribe them wherever they go. Then, you’ll have lots of money.)

Swagger aunty made me jealous; why didn’t I think of becoming a police wala ever.



Having mentioned about my eavesdropping skills, there’s one more fun conversation that I heard where a guy explained in-length to the girl as to why he loves her. Her reply had me in tears. Tears of laughter.

She said, “toh kya, aisa wala pyaar toh Piyush bhi karta hai mujhse.

(So what, Piyush also loves me the same way.)

I so wanted to ask that guy, “aaya mazza?”, but I didn’t. Just for the sake of humanity. LOL.



Then, in office, I heard a female say, “Babu, suno, idhar aao”, “yahan aao babu.” I looked here and there to find people who too thought calling someone “babu” on the office floor was pretty awkward. But nope, no one was surprised. I wondered if such Public Display of Affection was okay in the office. I decided to inquire ‘aakhir gadbad hai kya?’ Only to find out that she was calling the security guard whose name was Babu.

What a waste!

uh ho


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