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Commuters like these…

Metro rides can be fun, well mostly, when you get a little standing space, a little breathing space. What makes it funnier are the commuters.

Commuters like these…


They aren’t friends.


Nope, still not!

Apparently, he wanted to watch the movie that the big man full of diet was watching. And he was so keen that even when the big man tilted his phone, he tilted himself. The big man got so annoyed…that he took the tough decision of leaving his precious seat, only to stand and watch the movie in peace.


This uncle…who didn’t have a pair of earphones decided to play a bhajan on full volume for everyone to hear. How sweet! Mornings in metro start on a religious note.


He then got bored and decided to bug the kid sitting next to him, “beta zara dekho, mere phone mein recording kyun nahi hoti?” And the kid with equally bored expression said, “memory card nahi hoga”.
Until then, I had no clue Nokia 1100 had a memory card slot too.



Then there was this man, unaware of the people and problems around.


Sleep in peace! 😉

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