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There is a whole lot of people who just cannot detach themselves from useless stuff – and no, do not look at your useless friends, spouses and/or in-laws. They could be useless, but I am not talking humans here. What, do I need to become a sadhu and charge you thousands to tell you how to inhale-exhale and how decluttering helps? Tab maanoge meri baat?

Meri advice ki no value :-/

Just have a good look around you. Did you spot the things which have been there for eternity, but you have not yet managed to throw them away? Yeah yeah, nostalgia and emotional connect are the best excuses to cover up your laziness and stinginess.

C’mon tell me the reason why is that science text book of eleventh standard still lying somewhere there, occupying the shelf space? Is it because you made some crazy drawings on it while attending the class. Didn’t pay attention and failed the exam! 😛

Or is it because you played book-cricket with your best friend, and the last page has your scores, wherein you won the game? Just to remind you, that best friend is now friend number 584 on Facebook. And doesn’t even care you exist.

But then, that science text book stays! Eh, why?declutter

Toh let’s all unite in our unique attempt to make India a safe place.

First things first, throw those black chords lying around in the house away! An old charger of that phone that got stolen in the metro, why is still lying there. And those 200 pairs of earphones whose one plug is dysfunctional now. It’s time! Time to cremate them.

And then comes the turn of those clothes which you have bought and kept in the closet hoping to fit in them one day. Yep! Those are your motivation. Hai na? Sale, 50% Off dekh kar kapde lene walon, Idhar aao, thappad khao.

Arrey, those Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani cassettes which was once your favourite and the likes are still occupying space. And Rhymes CDs which were forcefully given to you in school, and are sealed till date. Please throw them away, tumhe bhagwan ka vaasta. Dekho, your favourite music is now safe and accessible anytime over the web. Yeah, technology!

Last thing that deserves a special mention here is – Expired medicines. Wow! Why? Why are you so disorganised? *rolls eyes* Dispose. Them. Now.

P.S.- I too will de-clutter, one item a day. Starting with facebook friend list.

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