Random Rings

What?? How??

Confused, as he always is! Unhappy, Dissatisfied!

Ever demanding, Always forlorn!

I don’t know why on Earth did I speak to him for the first time. Maybe because he looked like that helpless puppy trying to figure out how to cross the road. Uh ho, why am I so kind?!

The kind of questions he poses are unbelievably weird and the things he say are certified senseless. But he is a friend, and No, you cannot laugh.

At times I don’t even have answers to his questions! Take these for example:

  1. Oh, my parents want me to get married. I don’t want to marry. But I like the girl.
  2. Oh, I want to meet people, make friends. But I don’t want to step out of home.
  3. Oh, I have a better job offer. But I don’t want to switch.

Keeping in consideration all the ‘Oh’s and ‘But’s…I am expected to answer, reasoning its feasibility at the same time.

His situation is similar to those of Drunkards:

  • Who are we? – Drunkards
  • What do we want? – Alcohol
  • How much do we want? – LOL
  • When do we want? – LOL
  • Where do we want? – LOL

In the case of this confused soul, it goes like:

  • Who am I? – Confused potato
  • What do I want? – Bah. Banana.
  • How do I want? – Bah. Banana.
  • When do I want? – Bah. Banana.
  • Where do I want? – Bah. Banana.

It all began with him, when he was a kid. He was often confused between carrier and career. Then, he took up to Engineering, and since then…he is figuring out, which of the two was screwed.
Well, wait…he won’t figure that out. He will ask me to figure that out for him. Because “Please kardo na, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha” *rolls eyes*

But then, such a noble soul I am, in spite of the dramatic performances each time, I will keep helping duniya ke majboor waasi like him. Even if I succumb to death, listening to their ever meaningless rants, vo bhi manzoor hai!

Meanwhile, you guys come here, touch my feet, put some money in the donation box. And some more money! Repeat it every two hours!



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