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Grow up, will you?

When it comes to weird people, there are several varieties in the world – people who unnecessarily drag you to the dance floor, weird aunties wearing backless in winters, attention seekers on social media, so on and so forth! However, the category that tops the chart is of childish adults – the child trapped in the body of adults, the one who wants to come out at several occasions, making them believe they look extremely cute that way.

Unfortunately, this imbecility is medically untreatable.

I am pretty serious about having a sense of humour, and absolutely in favour of keeping the child inside you alive. But I promise, I have never exhibited this trait of dementia and landed straight to the age of 5.

The other day, this female in metro was talking on the phone. The way she transitioned from baby to babu to shona made me understand she was talking to a guy, possibly her boyfriend. And then *poof* She suddenly went into the childish adult mode – “toh mai tele shay phone pe baat karri hun na,” (So I am talking to you on the phone) she said, mimicking a 3-year-old.

I glared at people around, hoping my screaming look gives someone a hint to slap her! But everyone was as helpless as me.

To our relief, her destination arrived, and this 3-year-old stuck in the body of a 20 something deboarded with the babu, shona and baby on the call.

Anyway, the point is that some people forget that they are supposed to grow up with their age and not be a torture for the rest of us. But the fight is how to recognise the highly irritating childish adults from the lot and stay far faaar away from them. They could be anyone.

Childish AdultThey could be the tantrum throwers. This kind is also found at workplace – yes! The ones who act immature in situations, refusing to see logic. Pretty tough to handle, aren’t they? And when these tantrum throwers enter in a relationship, they become the sulking souls who behave juvenile for days without telling you the reason. (Note: It only grows if you pay attention to a tantrum. Get yourself an ice cream and sit back, see them coming to you on their own.)

They could be “awww, how chweeties” *throws up*

No! Matching hairclip, shoes, bag with the dress is Not Cute! You just cannot bring out the child in you on the name of being cute every now and then…the child who refuses to go back. I think, they initiate this behaviour when someone calls the 3-year-old desperately trying to come out cute, plus those furry cats on the computer’s wallpaper and puppies on the t-shirt chweet.

Please yaar, iss inner child ko office toh matt laaya karo. I don’t feel happy looking at your oh-so-cute face. In fact, I have to make an effort to supress the urge to punch the pout back in. And that is additional work, for which I don’t get paid. Understood?     

That’s not it! You also make a joke of yourself. Why? Because you are annoying and icky and I would not treat you with kid-gloves.

Listen, try keeping a pace with your calendar age. Why on earth are you trying to intrude the category of actual cute kids?! Buffoon   :-/

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