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A for…

Going from A for Apple to seeking an A for Ambition, life has turned A for awful! I don’t know if I am lazy or incapable.

I believe that this is a common fear or stress that seems to trouble a lot of people.

My inability to write is growing with every passing day. And by that I don’t mean writing a book or a novel or a newspaper article. The very thought of having to write makes me nervous. I am A for Afraid that this handicap of not being able to express anything would not let me grow in my career. I’ll be good for nothing.

No! It is not a handicap, I am in coma… Thanks to internet that brings kripa in the lives of people like me, I can at least draft Sick leave mails. Internet, you the saviour, bro!

Oh God! Would you please take some time out and appear saakshaat to bless me. Or how about a nice collision with a giant asteroid or comet that can change the shape of life on Earth forever?


And while I was struggling with lack of ambition, the block and the aimlessness in my life…my Mummy decided to live a Thug Life (Read: Mummy Life)


Mummy texting Li’l Brother 😉 #MummyLife

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