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One wrong choice & you’re stuck for life

Okay, so no offence to those who are too dipped in the feeling of love, who are getting married and flooding my timeline with embarrassing pictures. Oh, and those whatsapp display pictures – isn’t changing that thrice a day, too much of a task for you?

Why do I feel that you are too desperate to fall in love? Is it because the wedding season is upon us or you got some serious pre and post wedding photography competition to deal with?

This brings with it a truck load of stress! For those getting married and the ones attending. Arrey…kapde khareedo, matching shoes, bags…not easy, no?

I toh anyway am a follower of shaadi_is_barbaadi.com but I recently realised what a tension a wedding can be, for the bride or groom’s single friends. Just because they are hitched, the pressure on you to get married too starts to mount.

No No…the stress doesn’t end here. So that you don’t have to give in to the pressure of an arranged marriage, the stress of falling in love quickly takes over. Really, The stress! The stress of making love happen.

It is more like deciding which dress to buy! You know, when you go “Shall I do friendship with him/her…quickly?”

But being a desperate case and being in a hurry to get out of the ‘single’ status, you end up fending off the right kind of people. And why should you be making such an important decision in a hurry? Peer pressure, eh? Stupid! Give it time and thought. Both!

Or do you have a family that believes a girl or guy should get married as soon as they turn 20. And have those elderly women in the family, who with specs sitting on their nose and a grim expression on their face, would declare that ‘the family must be complete by 30 years of age.’ Yes? LOL! I pity you!!

You know what? Just Run! Far Faar Faaaar away from such people. Yes yes, they are family. A bunch of buffoons they are. Realise that, do you?!

Gyan of the Day however is, single doesn’t always mean you are sad, and a relationship doesn’t always mean you have to be happy!

See, if you have decided to be happy, the presence or absence of a girlfriend/boyfriend can only add value to it. Not the basis of your happiness. For one wrong choice and you’ll be stuck for life!


Let the VOICE about the right time and the right person come from within you. 😛

Samajh rahe ho na? If you don’t understand what I am trying to say, then I really can’t help. Will see your wedding pictures on facebook as well, aur kya!? -_-

Happy Wedding Pictures Uploading!

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