Random Rings

Yea, so it was Jaipur!

Jaipur…Didn’t quite like the place, but it was a good trip.

Exciting things happened…as we started off…

Inside the train, it read – “Please Mind Your Head” “Kripya Sir Sambhaalein”

IMG_20151204_182528466And believe you me, we were very careful, so that we don’t lose it. We very much had it with us when we got off. Also, after reaching our hotel room – it was there. Though, we have pretty much lost it by the end of the trip.

IMG_20151204_225243465This room, Sunderta, Isn’t it?!

Our first day in Jaipur started with a startle, when a few street kids looked at us and said, “Oh, What A Nice”. Yeah, just that much…We wanted to stop them and teach proper English, but only after we were done laughing! Which when happened, they were already gone.

IMG-20151205-WA0102A day full of weird people and wonderful palaces left us tired, however, the other two regained their energy with the mention of “Cheese”

tiredWe decided to have food after this picture.  Yes, food 😀
Do I sound poor?! Well, I don’t care…I Was hungry!

IMG-20151205-WA0014We began the next day with same enthusiasm, feeling “What a Nice” 😛

Went here and there, took a few more selfies, ate, felt pukish and finally decided to buy Mojari.

The Mojari guy insisted that taking a selfie in his shop with Mojaris around is something we must do! And Dang, we did it. Here…

IMG-20151207-WA0020.jpgAfter we returned to our hotel, an auto-wallah in an attempt to sound helpful said, “Haan madam, dinner pe chalna hai?” Of course, we looked hungry, and poor, but this wasn’t the kind of dinner invite we were expecting.

Ignoring him, we headed to pool in our hotel – and the other two ladies decided that swimming in the icy cold water is exactly what they need on a cold winter evening.

IMG_20151206_175620511And posing in the pool is something absolutely unmissable…IMG_20151206_175307694

This wasn’t it…There was more to this Jaipur trip, I just hope no one ever opens the Chamber of Secrets 😉