Random Rings


Of late I have been hearing strange noises in my house. Initially I didn’t pay much heed to these knocks at the doors and creepy sounds in the midnight; and to the feeling that someone shook me up while I was fast asleep.

But something really weird happened a few days ago…while I was religiously taking a walk with the intent to burn some calories, music plugged in…Remembering my goof ups during the day, today and ever since I was born.

Suddenly I hear whooshing sounds in my earphones, claps and laughs – maybe it is the music. Wow! Musicians these days really got talent to screw the good old songs, I wonder. And carried on with my burn-some-calories, shed-some-fat spree; ignoring it all.

All of a sudden, I felt as if someone patted my back. I shunned that apparent assumption too, thinking it is my ponytail that’s performing stunts on my back; immersing in the music and the walk.

Then, something happened that left me awestruck in horror.

As I was walking, I felt someone tugged my ponytail. Yikes!!

I ran frantically back to my room. Just when I was trying to pacify myself of what I had just experienced, I happen to see the scratches on my legs.

I tried bringing the scene to my mother’s knowledge who advised that I should stop watching nonsense horror flicks during night and take it easy on office work.

I am sure, there was someone, there is someone, I said. But my mother Okay-ed it and went back to sleeping. It is after that I developed severe pain in my neck and back. No! It is not because of sitting for longer hours, but because of that spirit that is sitting on my shoulder, I suppose.


Or maybe it is that new colleague doing black magic on me. Blimey!!!

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