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Hello there, want to come to the loo?

After putting in much thought to pick the topic for this month’s post, with a conscious attempt to shed the joker image I have attained, I zeroed on the stress that job-goers these days face. Just then, a colleague enquired if I was willing to accompany her to the loo. And with an affirmation, I got up, asked the same question to a few more female colleagues. This public query was followed by girlie sounds and then another girl from the team said, “Yeah, I’ll come”. Another kind soul suggested dropping us outside the loo and then she could go get herself a cup of coffee from the cafe.

Eventually, a group of four marched off.

Having entertained this perfectly routine occurrence, I was about to turn my attention to the serious issue, when suddenly a thought bubble developed over my head. The text written inside was, “why do girls look for company even while going to the washroom?”

I really had no answer to my personal thought bubble’s question, despite me following this routine religiously – minimum 6 times a day.

That was what made me narrow my eyebrows and indulge into long and hard thinking spree. And this is what I concluded.

**Now you must be wondering where the stress of job-goers went? Well, it is pretty much here, and is not going anywhere soon. A post on it can wait!**

Addressing issues like why-do-girls-look-for-company-even-while-going-to-the-washroom is the task at hand.

So, a loo-break gives a much needed breather for girls to indulge in some harmless gossip, much like a smoking-break does for some. However at times, particularly difficult questions are thrown at you, like “Do I look fat? Yes, I look fat.” That is when you got to be ready with answers like, “Nope, you are not fat, you are fluffy.”

Other times, talking about the female who spends about 2 hours out of the 8 working hours in the washroom painting her already painted face! “She’s pretty but wears too much makeup.” These are the times when you appreciate the dedication with which they carry out this oh-so-hard task of applying makeup, when you barely manage to get up in the morning only to reach office on time.

There are so many other things that we do except bitching and gossiping. Not all of us can help it, which is why the fathers of Hindi language coined a beautiful term – ‘dheeth’. And dheeths come in all ages, shapes, sizes.


With this, another senseless post comes to an end. I hope you would not unfollow me.

Because I am a good human being. Senseless. But good!

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