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Dooriee…Sahi Jaaye Na

Kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya? Kiya! Kya tumne kabhi kisi ko dil diya? Diya! Maine bhi diya… *woot woot*

Just thought of beginning it on a musical note…because what lies ahead in this post is sad, very sad. Keep your tissues ready, for the sobs and the tears that might trickle down your eyes.

But before that, allow me to thank my friends who forward me pehle-bhi-bohot-baar-forwarded jokes, chori ke quotes, cute puppies ke pictures and bhakti-bhaav wale good morning messages on whatsapp or facebook. Why? They are the ones who help me pass my time in the godforsaken journey from home to office.

Now you must be thinking, I really like such jokes and pics, hai na? And must have mentally prepared a list of things that you would want to forward me, hai na?

Bhaisaab…sochna bhi matt!

Unless you want yourself unfriended or blocked. Those who share with me those cute pictures and gazab ke philosophical quotes help me pass my time… Yep, I find them. And then I block them.

Lekin the point isn’t that I don’t like such stuff. The point is that I have ample time to read the jokes, look at the pictures, agree with the motivational messages and then delete them from my phone. It is after that I block those who send it to me! Reason, like I said, I have ample time while travelling!

Travelling to office, and office to home is an event in itself. My life can be summed up in three time frames – metro time, office time, sleep time. You pity me? Huh! Nikal jao yahan se. Ab kya insaan apna dukh bhi na baante :/

And commuting is a task, when you are alone or with a bad company. Could have better taken an off, no? Oopar se jaldi niklo office se, tab bhi ghar late hi pohonchoge! However, the delays aren’t usually your fault. But jam mein and metro ki bheed mein, it is you who’s stuck. That is when you realise phone na hota to kya hota aapka?!  Just plug in music, and transport yourself to a better planet.

For those who drive? Time waste, Fuel waste, Money waste…and when you got to drive through the traffic after a hard day at work, that is, Energy waste too. My sympathies, bro.

Now you know why most of us spend our weekends at home. Because too much travelling ho jata hai for five days in a week. Plus, the feeling of wasting the life in commuting is like a lump in the throat. What about YOLO?!


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