Random Rings


Living by the line “Chalna hi zindagi hai, chalti hi jaa rahi hai” … I, like many others, walk each day. Aimlessly. I go, but to nowhere.

I wake up each day, with no particular goal in mind, and no destination in sight.

I walk. Like a straight line.
It doesn’t know where it is going, but it is going!

And while I have been walking for quite some time now, I have realised that having sad people around can make you really sad, even if you don’t know them; and those smiling faces can remove the lines of stress from your forehead.

Each day I come across many happy faces, and even more sad faces…busy on calls, sending out texts, or lost in their thoughts.

The vibes I get from them, affect me…seriously, they do!

Looking at a gloomy face makes me cuss my life, and a person happily talking on the phone makes me smile.

Having said that, not every smile is capable of making you smile.

The smiles of those aunties and uncles who are going on a vacation with their families irritate me!!
Because they are happy, and I am not.
Because I don’t get to go on a vacation.
Because they are so excited that they keep pushing and hitting me with their elbows.
Because they don’t realise they are hitting me… 🙁

Such people remind me of my misery and worthlessness.
And then I hit that fat-kid-falling-over-me with my elbow…and go stand somewhere else.

I hear a faint…”Papa, usne mujhe maara” and then I laugh loudly. Everyone looks at me, but I don’t care. Revenge is the sweetest.

P.S: I know all of this doesn’t make sense…simply because it wasn’t written to make sense.

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