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What The Hell Did You Just Say?!

Yea, so I’m pretty sure that that guy wasn’t from Delhi. Now don’t ask me how! Anyway, the point is not this, and so it doesn’t really matter. What matters is he was a Hindustani.

Also what matters is he spoke ‘test’ as ‘teste’ or ‘taeste’ or whatever, but bhagwan kasam it genuinely, truly, absolutely sounded like ‘Taste’.

Haan, so baat kuch aisi hai, inside the stuffed metro, this guy was yelling at the top of his voice…something that made me choke on my saliva. I stretched my neck to see who he was. But I couldn’t.

I was so determined that I stepped on the feet of two gentlemen, who then gave me enough space to accomplish my mission of seeing who he was.

What he had said was…

Doctor ne bola hai
urine ‘taste’ karna hai
urine ‘taste’ karwaane jaa raha hun

I closed my eyes, and prayed for it to be untrue, but then, one look at his face and I knew it wasn’t. Yeh doctor ko urine taste karwa ke hi maanega.    57883813 I don’t know if people around me heard him say this. Even if they did, they didn’t seem affected…as if urine ‘taste’ karna is a frigging normal thing.



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